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Bottles containing:

30 and 100 capsules




Cerf du Saguenay Inc.

Canadian red deer breeder since 1991, producer of velvet antler, breeding deers and venison (meat) distribution

at the farm and

to restaurants.












According to experts, the best quality of Velvet antler is found in the North where four clearly differenciated seasons are found with cold winters. Here we often have between december to february -30C to -40C. Velnor means "Velvet from the North" and produces Nordic Premium Velvet Antler.

Another condition: The deers stay in their natural environment where pastures are suitable for deers, in big spaces.

Velnor inc. is a canadian manufacturer  of a natural health product, the velvet antler.

 We also are red deer breeder under the name of "Cerf du Saguenay Inc." since 1991 and  Velnor  owns the trade-mark for the marketing of Velnor Velvet Antler at the Canadian intellectual Property Office, since 1995.

Velnor practices as follow-up on the product and fair trade farming, GMP Certification; Site Licence with Health Canada and NPN numbers for Velvet Antler and Velvet Antler with Ginseng.